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Is Auto Racing A Sport Or Not?


is auto racing a sport

Is auto racing a sport or not?

Auto racing is also known as automobile racing, motor racing or car racing. It has become a popular sporting activity that is being watched all over the world. Every time drivers get into their racing cars, they place themselves in danger. However, auto racing enthusiasts will agree that the exhilarating feeling and the fulfillment to reach the finish line is worth all the risks and dangers faced.

For racers and race car sports enthusiasts they consider auto racing as a sport. When you mention auto racing sport events, the first thing that comes to mind is NASCAR although there are other different types of auto racing.

4 types of auto racing are:

  • Drag racing
  • Stock car racing
  • Sports car racing
  • Single-seater racing

How do you classify an event as a “sport?” For many, the word sport is automatically associated with  basketball, soccer, football or baseball. Athletes go through extreme and excessive training to get ready for a competition. Yet, other still insists that auto racing is considered a sport, because it also involves speed and strength, and proper training and exercise.

is auto racing a sport

What the Public Says:

For people who do not really understand or appreciate auto racing, they do not accept the logic that auto racing is a sport. For the simple fact that this is an event where anyone can drive a car. It is just a simple competition among drivers who can drive the fastest, most efficient and reach the finish line in one piece. According to them, race car sport is not a sport because they do not involve the same physical training that most athletes go through.

However, car racers and auto racing enthusiasts do not agree. 57% of the majority from the legitimate debate website that discussed if auto racing is a sport or not says that car racing is indeed a sport. Their argument is that while it is true that anybody can drive a car, but only few people have the skills to know when to turn at the corner and when to exit from it.

Racers need the same physical abilities like other athletes. It is not easy to hold up your arms for more than 30 minutes at a time with a winter jacket and pants on in 90 degree weather.  The racer needs endurance, stamina, strength and most of all, he must have the mental alertness to make a fast decision in split seconds.

Race car sports need racers to be physically and mentally fit to withstand the strain and the heat. They race their cars for long hours enduring the heat and exhaustion. Other than this, an auto racer should be mentally and psychologically able to come up with effective strategies to outwit his opponent for him to end up the victor. Isn’t this the same thing with other sports?

Your Thoughts

Is auto racing a sport or not?” What is your stand on this debate? Remember, No matter how you look at auto racing, nothing can deny the fact that it is an exciting event. The fulfillment you get out of doing something you love is still incomparable.